Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours -Large Edition
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Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours -Large Edition

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The ritual for Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours is intended for liturgical assemblies where the Eucharist cannot be celebrated. The ritual book can also be used on other occasions: parish or community celebrations of Morning or Evening Prayer; liturgies of the Word in chapels and institutions where it is not pastorally possible to celebrate the Eucharist; or ecumenical celebrations of the Word or Hours. Pastoral notes for the celebration of the Word and Hours are contained in two separate publications. The Liturgical Notes, which are printed in the ritual book itself, concern the actual celebration and its preparation. Additional notes for the formation and training of ministers, especially the leader of prayer, are printed (with the Liturgical Notes) in No. 6 of the series Canadian Studies in Liturgy (May 1995).

Ritual Book

The ritual book Sunday Celebration of the Word and Hours presents the liturgical prayers and rubrical directions for the following celebrations: 

  • Sunday Celebration of the Word
  • Rite of Distribution of Communion
  • Morning Prayer
  • Evening Prayer

For greater convenience, the ritual book is offered in two different editions, with identical contents.

384 pages, 21.5 x 28 cm, two colours, four ribbons, red hard cover with gold imprint.

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